“Breakthrough and Innovation”,

13TH SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair (2019) Ended Perfectly



The pageant of Food and Drink Fair opened in the City of Spring, and guests and visitors gathered in the wonderful land of China. “The 13TH SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair 2019” characterized by new exhibition halls, new starts, new breakthroughs, new atmosphere, new effects and new opportunities ended perfectly on 24 November 2019 at Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center (in Huaiyin District, Jinan). Around over 500 enterprises at home and abroad, with domestic enterprises from 21 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions and over 5000 brands, attended the Fair. During the three-day Fair, about 16 thousand targeted invitees were received and numerous professional visitors were present; the Fair was open to the public on 23 and 24 November, and citizens bought food and drink in an endless stream. Different from the previous SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair , the 13th Fair was held at Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center with larger area, better facilities and more convenient transportation conditions which can satisfy the need to hold conferences and events simultaneously and accommodate tens of thousands of passengers. The Fair, with satisfactory achievements demonstrated by the number of exhibitors and visitors and turnover reached new records, has been recognized by the industry and well acclaimed by the merchants present.



At new exhibition hall with new scenes, numerous enterprises and merchants worked together to create new atmosphere


    Located in the core zone of Jinan West New Town, Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center which is selected to undertake the term of SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair is a large convention and exhibition complex which integrates multiple functions of convention and exhibition, conference, business office, hotel accommodation, etc., near Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Jinan West Railway Station and the entrance of Erhuan West Road Overpass, and accommodates nearly 3000 parking spots. Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center is mainly designed to undertake international and national exhibitions, national roadshows, large and medium-sized exhibitions, conferences and major events of a variety. Since its opening in August, Auto Parts China, China Robot Competition, Shandong International Cultural Industries Fair, Auto Qilu Show, and other large-scale high-end fairs have been held here.



    SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair of this term is the first food and drink tradeshow operated in the Center, with numerous famous enterprises and brands at home and abroad. The atmosphere was strong and enterprises competed with each other, and could draw level with China Food and Drinks Fair. There were nearly 20 enterprise representatives of Guizhou liquor, including Maotai, Xijiu, Guotai, Diaoyutai, Jiuzhongjiu, Dongjiu, Zhenjiu, etc.; the representatives of Shandong Liquor include Baotu Spring, Baimai Spring, Yunmen Wine, Jinzhao, etc.; there are also liquor enterprise representatives from various cities and regions, including Jiugui Liquor, King’s Luck, Fenjiu, Yuquan, Beijing Erguotou, Taiwan Gaoliang Wine, etc. Besides liquor enterprises, famous food enterprises, such as COFCO, Uni-President, Dali Foods, Gaikang, Golden Tea, Yangyuan, Milkey Way Rice, Guanshengyuan, Red Bull, Jiabao, Mintian, Golden Royal Fang, Yikang, etc., introduced the newest products and investment policies to us. Craft beer produced from the alumni of Qilu University of Technology attracted a large number of craft beer fans immediately after its appearance. Additionally, the Fair has attracted enterprises from nearly 20 countries and regions, such as Russia, America, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Australia, Chile, Hungary, Malaysia, Macedonia, etc., and the exhibits were mainly wine, liquor, craft beer, and food of various types.



New starts and new undertakings, and satisfactory investment and anti-poverty effects


    Auditors from Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) investigated the 13-year-old SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair ; and the Fair will become the first UFI-accredited professional exhibition of the drink and food industry of Shandong if it passes the investigation. During the past thirteen years, SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair remains true to its original missions of “being based on Shandong, facing the international market and serving the industry”, seeks for improvement of branding, professionalization and internationalization, offers more convenient, professional and efficient exchange platforms for exhibitors and visitors, and has been well received by exhibitors, purchasers and media.



    Collecting wisdom and as a successful bridge for corporate communication and exchanges, the Fair is the window for famous enterprise outside Shandong to acquaint themselves with Shandong and also the engine to boost poverty alleviation. Centering on the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, the Fair has set up the “Achievements for Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China of the Food Industry of Jinan”, covering over thirty brand-name and high-quality featured food enterprises, including Baimai Spring Wine, Baotu Spring Liquor, Shandong Gold Royal Fang Food Co., Ltd., Jinan Hualu Food Co., Ltd., Shandong YiKang Food Co., Ltd., Zhoucun Dexinzhai Food Processing Plant, Shandong Please Drinking Water Co., Ltd., Jinan Yefengsu Food Co., Ltd., Wanbang Foods, Mintian Group, Shandong Jiabao Group, etc. a central stage has been set up, facilitating enterprises to launch promotional activities, for example, the founding meeting of Xinjiang Yuepuhu County Agricultural Product Brand Studio and Yuepuhu County Agricultural Product Supply and Marketing Alliance, the new product release meeting of Gaikang Biology, case analysis on craft beer development and brands, and a promotional meeting of Jinan Association of Imported Food, and various supporting activities. What is worth mentioning is that “the promotional meeting of food industry of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture in Shandong” themed with “Collect the strengths of Shandong merchants and boost poverty alleviation of Xiangxi” achieved complete success and reached a contract value of 210 million Yuan. Additionally, the special investment promotional meeting of Xinjiang Kashgar (Jinan) agricultural product processing also fulfilled good achievements.



New breakthroughs and new future, and good opportunities for exhibition delegations and alliance


    SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair  which has always been highlighted with “city exhibition groups”, performed more remarkably in this term by building up featured pavilions, and higher specification, more products and more preferential policies. In the Zunyi Pavilion, Zunyi Liquor Industry Chamber of Commerce (ZLICC) has organized ten brand-awareness and high-quality liquor enterprises, including Kweichow Maotai Group, Diaoyutai Distillery, Guizhou Guotai Liquor Co., Ltd., Guizhou Jiuzhongjiu Group, Guizhou Wuyou Liquor Group, etc., to join the Fair. In the Xiangxi Pavilion, Jiugui Liquor from Jiugui Liquor Co., Ltd. were with fragrant bouquet, and Baojing golden tea refreshing; by virtue of SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair , they will step on the national stage and offer assistance in the poverty alleviation campaign. In the Huaian Pavilion, Jiangsu King's Luck Brewery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. showed us a high-end and elegant booth, perfectly demonstrating the beauty of China’s high-end medium liquor. In the Harbin Pavilion, Yuquan liquor represented the mixed-flavor liquor, and rice and sausage drew public attention; there were also Qianjiang Pavilion, Nanchang Pavilion, Xinjiang Pavilion, etc. It should be specially explained that the Qilu Grain and Oil Pavilion successfully attracted domestic and foreign professional visitors with the modes of Qilu Grain and Oil Flagship Store, the online transaction platform of Haoliangyouwang, etc., laying a solid foundation for improving the market share and competitiveness of grain and oil products of Shandong.



    Directors and enterprise representatives of China Alcoholic Drinks (North China) Alliance made a tour of investigation at the SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair , and successfully held the collaborative development forum of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shandong, the signing ceremony of China Alcoholic Drinks (North China) Alliance – Jinan, etc. On the development forum, Li Bin, Director of Office of Consumer Product Industry of Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Jinan, and Li Chengxin, Chairman of Food Industry Association of Jinan, respectively introduced the development of relevant industries. Leaders from China Alcoholic Drinks Association and the journey of China Alcoholic Drinks Industry, and Alliance member representatives also introduced the features of their respective provinces, discussed about the collaborative development forum of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shandong, and explored the collaborative development promotion and future cooperation directions among regional alcoholic drinks enterprises.



    The 13TH SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair (2019) that people were buzzing around ended perfectly in the drizzle on 24 November 2019; visitors enjoyed themselves so much as to forget to leave and merchants from various regions harvested a lot.



    A temporary goodbye is for a better meeting in the future. The 14TH SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair (2020) will welcome you with full enthusiasm in a brand-new appearance!


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SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair