SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair Grandly Commences Today



    Friendly Shandong Celebrates a food and drink gala, friends from all over the world gather in the Spring City of Jinan. The high-profile “13TH SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair (2019)” witnesses a grand opening at Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center (in Huaiyin District, Jinan) on 22nd November 2019 and the three-day Fair will close on 24th November 2019. It is known that around over 500 enterprises at home and abroad, with domestic enterprises from 21 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions and over 5000 brands, are attending the Fair; compared with the previous terms, further enhancement has been achieved in the exhibition scale and level quality of exhibitors in this term.



    That it is highly sought-after is out of expectation but within understanding. At 8:00 AM, professional visitors gathered at some entrances of Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center; at 9:00 AM, waves of visitors was in the center; at 10:00 AM, exhibitors and visitors were having hot discussions at booths……



    With professional visitors seeking for commercial opportunities in the center, exhibitors answering purchasers’ questions, and promotional activities being conducted in an orderly way, all of these have demonstrated the excellent reception capacity of new exhibition halls, and reflected the outstanding preparation and curation abilities of the organization committee. It really lives up to the first convention and exhibition brand of North China.


    With new exhibition halls and atmosphere, and with the constant development of nearly thirty years, SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair has won the reputation of “numerous exhibitors, visitors and benefits”, and witnessed the update of new halls creating good atmosphere, new beginning safeguarding good effects and new breakthroughs offering good opportunities. On the event days, professional visitors get the greatest feeling of “changes and unchangeableness”.



What has changed is Exhibition halls, and what remains unchanged is popularity


    As SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair has growing influences on the industry with the gradual expansion of the exhibition scale and constant update of demands from exhibitors and visitors, the original exhibition halls in Shungeng and Jinan Innovation Zone could not satisfy the scale required of the Food and Drink Fair, Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center which is mainly designed to undertake international and national exhibitions, national roadshows, large and medium-sized exhibitions, conferences and major events of a variety was selected as ideal venue. Located in the core zone of Jinan West New Town, Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center is a large convention and exhibition complex which integrates multiple functions of convention and exhibition, conference, business office, hotel accommodation, etc., near Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Jinan West Railway Station and the entrance of Erhuan West Road Overpass, and accommodates nearly 3000 parking spots.



    With the commencement of the Fair, the Center has become a sea of people, with the arrival of professional through trains from Xuzhou, Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Anyang, Bengbu, Suzhou and other cities outside Shandong Province, and Zaozhuang, Liaocheng, Linyi, Jining, Weifang, Heze, Dezhou, Tengzhou, Jinan and other cities of Shandong Province. A continuous stream of professional visitors come to the booths of exhibition delegations from Zunyi, Nanchang, Xiangxi, Huaian, Harbin, Qianjiang and so on for discussion about cooperation opportunities. The director of Zunyi exhibition delegation told the reporters that they have been at the exhibition for five consecutive years and achieved more fruitful investment and exhibition this year thanks to “maotai-flavor liquor fever”. What is worth mentioning is that Mr. Zhang from Liaocheng who had been harvested from the visit told the reporter that he founded appropriate products at SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair and got a more particular knowledge of the industrial trends on enterprise exhibitors and visitors.



What has changed is a theme, and what remains unchanged is demeanor of exhibition delegations


    The City of Jinan has witnessed remarkable development achievements in the food industry, and the theme of this year is “Achievements for Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China of the Food Industry of Jinan”. Centering on the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, the Fair fully demonstrates the development achievements of the food industry of Jinan, further accelerates the shifting in driving forces for the development of the food industry, and realizes quality and efficiency improvement and high-quality development. In the achievement exhibition zone, there are over thirty brand-name and high-quality featured food enterprises, including Baimai Spring Wine, Baotu Spring Liquor, Shandong Gold Royal Fang Food Co., Ltd., Jinan Hualu Food Co., Ltd., Shandong Yikang Food Co., Ltd., Zhoucun Dexinzhai Food Processing Plant, Shandong Please Drinking Water Co., Ltd., Jinan Yefengsu Food Co., Ltd., Wanbang Foods, Mintian Group, Shandong Jiabao Group, etc.; by virtue of SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair, these enterprises further enhance their reputation and expand their product sales network.



    One of the all-time highlights of SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair is “city exhibition groups”. Compared with those in previous terms, the city exhibition groups in this term are with higher specification, display more products and enjoy more preferential policies. In the Red Zunyi Pavilion, Zunyi Liquor Industry Chamber of Commerce (ZLICC) has organized ten brand-awareness and high-quality liquor enterprises, including Kweichow Maotai Group, Diaoyutai Distillery, Guizhou Guotai Liquor Co., Ltd., Guizhou Jiuzhongjiu Group, Guizhou Wuyou Liquor Group, etc., to join the Fair. In the Mysterious Xiangxi Pavilion, Jiugui Liquor from Jiugui Liquor Co., Ltd. are with fragrant bouquet, and Baojing golden tea refreshing; by virtue of SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair, they are stepping on the national stage and offering assistance in the poverty alleviation campaign; in the Drunk-beauty Huaian Pavilion, the booth of Jiangsu King's Luck Brewery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. is high-end and elegant, perfectly demonstrating the beauty of China’s high-end medium liquor; in the gourmet Harbin Pavilion, Yuquan liquor represents the mixed-flavor liquor, and rice and sausage draw public attention; in the Tasty Qianjiang Pavilion, the slogan of “Share Qianjiang lobsters globally” attracts lots of lobster lovers to discuss about cooperation. In the Heroic Nanchang Pavilion, featured products, such as ceramics, honey, etc., are displayed, attracting professional visitors to linger on without thought of leaving; the Beautiful Xinjiang Pavilion is themed with “delicious Kashgar” and highlights featured food and poverty alleviation by consumption. It is worth mentioning that the Healthy Qilu Grain and Oil Pavilion successfully attracts domestic and foreign professional visitors with the modes of Qilu Grain and Oil Flagship Store, the online transaction platform of Haoliangyouwang, etc., laying a solid foundation for improving the market share and competitiveness of grain and oil products of Shandong.



What has changed is activities, and what remains unchanged is service tenet


    Follow trends, win the market and lead the future. SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair goes out to learn experiences and introduce successful modes, and has demonstrated more outstanding performance. A central stage is set in the C Exhibition Hall of Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center for enterprises to carry out promotional activities. On 22 November 2019, the founding meeting of Xinjiang Yuepuhu County Agricultural Product Brand Studio and Agricultural Product Supply and Marketing Alliance and new product release meeting of Gaikang Biology will be held here; on 23 November, case analysis on craft beer development and brands, and a promotional meeting of Jinan Association of Imported Food shall also be held here. It is reported that promotional meeting of food industry of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture in Jinan, collaborative development forum of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shandong, signing ceremony of China Alcoholic Drinks (North China) Alliance – Jinan, and special investment promotional meeting of Xinjiang Kashgar (Jinan) agricultural product processing, etc., will also be held during the Fair.



    During the past thirteen years, SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair remains true to its original missions of “being based on Shandong, facing the international market and serving the industry”, seeks for improvement of branding, professionalization and internationalization, offers more convenient, professional and efficient exchange platforms for exhibitors and visitors, and is well received by exhibitors, purchasers and media. A wealth of famous enterprises and brands gather here at the Fair: there are nearly 20 enterprise representatives of Guizhou liquor, including Maotai, Xijiu, Guotai, Diaoyutai, Jiuzhongjiu, Dongjiu, Zhenjiu, etc.; the representatives of Shandong Liquor include Baotu Spring, Baimai Spring and Yunmen Wine; there are also liquor enterprise representatives from various cities and regions, including Jiugui Liquor, King’s Luck, Fenjiu, Yanghe, Luzhou Laojiao, Beijing Erguotou, Taiwan Gaoliang Wine, etc. Besides liquor enterprises, famous food enterprises, such as COFCO, Uni-President, Dali Foods, Gaikang, Golden Tea, Yangyuan, Milkey Way Rice, Guanshengyuan, Red Bull, Jiabao, Mintian, Golden Royal Fang, Yikang, etc., bring the newest products and investment policies. Additionally, the Fair have attracted enterprises from other countries and regions, and the exhibits are mainly wine, liquor, craft beer, and food of various types.


    There is another matter which remains unchanged, namely, the sponsorship enterprise, Shandong Baimai Spring Liquor Co., Ltd. has been selected as the sponsor for consecutive eight years, becoming the biggest winner. It is ubiquitous within and outside the center, in the central adverts, exhibition cards, gift bags, etc. Li Chengxin, the Secretary of Party Committee, President and General Manager of the Sponsor, expressed in the media interview that the sponsorship for consecutive eight years has effectively updated the influence and popularity of the enterprise, promoted the rapid product sales growth and further expanded the product sales scope from Zhangqiu to other areas of Shandong and also other neighboring provinces. The exhibits of “Spring City No. One”, “Qilu No. One” and so on attract a crowd of dealers to consult business, and are especially well received by the dealers from Jinan and surrounding cities.



    Tens of thousands of merchants gather in Qilu and co-build the grand meeting of drink and food. On the very occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the year of shifting new driving forces of Shandong, SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair is characteristics of “new” by moving to new exhibition halls, standing on new starts, making new breakthroughs, applying new media, activating new functions and undertaking new missions, and we welcome the grand opening of the 13TH SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair (2019). On the first day of the Fair, a continuous stream of professional visitors come to the exhibition; according to incomplete statistics, over 10000 professional visitors consulted for business negotiation at site.


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SD,CN International Food and Drinks Fair