Rules and Regulations of the Exhibition


I. Report Notice

1. For your smooth report , please bring copies of the following relevant certificates to the main entrance of the exhibition hall and go through the registration formalities in turn according to the signs. Exhibitors who have paid the booth fee before the exhibition is arranged can go through the registration formalities by VIP green channel. Units that have not paid the full amount shall report to the exhibition after completing the payment formalities.

(1) Payment Form for Participation Expenses or Participation Contract

(2) The certificates of exhibitors include business license, commodity circulation license, commodity hygiene license, sampling inspection report of the same batch, commodity product certificate and ID card of the person in charge at the exhibition site, which are photocopies and should be kept at the booth.

2. After reporting, exhibitors bring articles into the exhibition hall with their participation certificates and arrange exhibitions through the entrance of the back door of the exhibition hall.

3. Specially-installed booth: Companies that want to set up should handle exhibition certificates (deposit: 10 yuan per booth).

4. For exhibitors (freezers, etc.) who need 24-hour electricity during the exhibition, please go to the exhibition hall customer service center for 24-hour electricity usage procedures during the registration period.

5. Number of exhibitors' certificates: 3 per standard booth, luxury and specially-installed booths are on the analogy of  equivalent area.


II. Instructions for Exhibition Arrangement

1. If you need to work overtime to arrange the exhibition, please go to the service desk of the exhibition hall before 16: 00 on the same day to handle relevant formalities and pay the corresponding overtime expenses.

2. For exhibitors with special-installed booths, please note that the height of the exhibition hall is limited to 6 meters.

3. For the safety of you and the exhibition hall, please pay attention to the following matters during construction:

(1) Inflammable and explosive articles are strictly prohibited on the exhibition hall site, smoking is prohibited on the construction site, and flame operation is strictly prohibited.

(2) It is strictly prohibited to weld, spray paint or cut metal in the hall.

(3) The Organizing Committee has the right to cut off dangerous power supplies and dismantle any devices that endanger visitors or affect other exhibitors.

4. In order to make the power connection of the exhibition hall orderly and ensure the safety of electricity usage, all power connections must be performed by the exhibition hall service department. For your safety, please do not connect without authorization or connect your own electrical appliances to the wires of the exhibition hall, otherwise the Organizing Committee has the right to refuse to supply power.

5. Please take good care of all building structures in the exhibition hall. Please do not knock nails or make holes in the floors, walls, doors, pillars, exhibition boards and other places of the exhibition hall.

6. When setting up the exhibition booth, please do it in the area of your own booth and do not occupy the public passageway so as to facilitate the use of visitors during the exhibition.

7. For the safety of you, other exhibitors and visitors, please do not obstruct any fire fighting facilities, equipment, passageways, fire shutter doors and other places.

8. For exhibitors of special-installed booths, please pay attention to the following matters for your safe and smooth booth construction:

(1) Configure on-site safety personnel and conduct safety training and construction supervision for construction personnel entering the site. It is strictly prohibited to conduct operations in violation of specifications.

(2) Aerial work should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures and safety protection.

(3) Wooden materials should be coated with fireproof materials before entering the hall. Cables are all made of sheath line. Please apply to the customer service center for power supply. Professional electricians of the exhibition center will connect for you and do not connect the power supply indiscriminately.

9. The special-installed booths in the center shall be built at least with truss. The Organizing Committee will not provide standard booths, but only bare floor area. Exhibitors are requested to build their own. 

10. For the special-installed exhibitors, please note: After checking in, please go to the customer service center for special-installed deposit formality, namely, 1000 yuan for truss and 2,000 yuan for wood. Please arrange exhibitions through the entrance of the back door of the exhibition hall with the deposit proof after processing.

11. Special-installed Booth  Reporting Notice:

(1) Exhibitors and construction units shall strictly abide by the international and exhibition hall, exhibition fire control regulations, electricity management regulations, construction and production safety management regulations, construct within the specified time and area, be responsible for the construction safety, fire control, public security and other safety work on the construction site, and obey the unified management of  the exhibition.

(2) Exhibitors and construction units shall provide the Organizing Committee's investment promotion manager with effect drawings and other booth construction drawings before November 21 in accordance with the requirements of the Specially-installed Booth Construction Work Process. Failure to provide relevant information within the time limit will affect the entry of materials and the erection of specially-installed booths, and exhibitors and construction units shall be solely responsible.  Carpet or other isolation and protection measures shall be laid on the floor of the specially-installed booth during the exhibition.


III. Instructions for Withdrawing Exhibition

1. Withdrawal time: the exhibition will be withdrawn after 16:00 on November 24 and finish withdrawing on the night. Please observe the withdrawal time.

2. Exhibitors are requested to clean up all articles in the booth, including structures and exhibits.

3. The Organizing Committee of the Congress specially reminds exhibitors that the exhibition arrangement and withdrawal time are the most vulnerable periods for exhibits and personal belongings to be stolen. Exhibitors should pay special attention to keeping their personal belongings and exhibits, and must leave people to guard the booth before all the belongings and rented items are withdrawn from the booth.


IV. Safety Instructions

1. In order to ensure the safety of exhibits, exhibitors are requested to assign special personnel to take care of their belongings and exhibits during the exhibition arrangement, displaying and withdrawal. The exhibitors will be responsible for the safety of all articles during this period.

2. Please observe the safety management regulations of the exhibition hall and obey the instructions of the security personnel of the hall in case of emergency.

3. For the safety of your exhibits, exhibitors are requested to arrive and leave the hall on time.  That is, enter the exhibition hall from 8: 30 a.m. to 9: 00 a.m. and leave the hall after 16:30 p.m. under the guidance of security personnel.

4. If the exhibits are found missing or damaged, please be sure to protect the site and report the loss in time.  If you find all kinds of hidden dangers, fire and public security accidents, please report them to the Organizing Committee in time in addition to emergency treatment, so as to help you deal with relevant accidents.


V. Notes

1. During the exhibition period, exhibitors are requested to wear the exhibition license according to the requirements of the Organizing Committee and load the goods at the specified time and place with relevant certificates, namely:

During the exhibition arrangement period: from 8: 00 to 20: 00, loading through the entrance of the back door of the exhibition hall.  Loading is strictly prohibited at the front door.

During the exhibition displaying period: from 8: 30 to 9: 30, loading through the entrance of the back door of the exhibition hall.  Loading is strictly prohibited at the front door.

2. Please obey the command of management personnel when entering the unloading area. Do not park your vehicles at the entrance of the goods and block the driving route in the unloading area.

3. Fake and shoddy products are strictly prohibited from entering the exhibition hall. Once discovered, the Organizing Committee has the right to close its booth and refuse its products to enter the exhibition hall, and at the same time submit them to relevant departments for investigation of their relevant responsibilities.

4. It is strictly prohibited to occupy other booths and public areas of the exhibition hall. The Organizing Committee has the right to remove it from the exhibition hall upon discovery.

5. According to the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, all the bulk food of exhibitors are required to be covered with dustproof materials and provided with isolation facilities. The sales personnel must wear masks, gloves, hats and other isolation gown when operating.

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